When you want something good

Why it tastes so good

USDA Choice rib eyes cut on premisesThis is tricky. Choice meats should be tender, flavorful and juicy. These traits come from "flecks" of fat known as "marbling." We hand cut and trim our steaks to control the amount of fat. Unfortunately, all steers are not created equal so there's no such thing as a totally lean, USDA Choice Rib Eye but since we cut them ourselves we make sure you get plenty of Rib Eye goodness.
Idaho PotatoesHands down, they're the best you can buy for baking and frying. They're actually a type of russet that bakes well and yields a light and fluffy potato.
Hamburgers made with "primal cuts" of beefWe've all heard stories about sausage making, but hamburger making can be pretty scary, too. You don't have to worry here - we serve the good stuff.
Why no bottled ketchup (catsup)?Many places refill the bottles. Since it's almost impossible to get all the ketchup out of a bottle, the new is put on top of the old. Before long the bottom begins to spoil. And that's when the problems start.
Tossed Green SaladOur premium lettuces are hand washed and cut. Crisp green leaf and iceberg with the best fresh add-ons. And our homemade Ranch, the national dressing of Texas, is award-winning.
Texas River-bottom gravyGetting this right every time is an important challenge. It begins with a roux, made from scratch daily right here. Then we add a touch of chicken base and seasoning to enhance the flavor and distinguish it from others. Our Texas river-bottom gravy is an untraditional tradition.
Hand-breaded chicken fried steaks, chicken, fish and vegetablesIt's so easy to buy pre-breaded foods these days that practically everyone does it, except us. Our cooks take great pride in producing fresh fried foods from scratch right after you order them.
USDA Choice brisketsSome folks tell us "It's only brisket. Don't spend the extra money for USDA Choice." We think you deserve the best and are willing to pay a little extra to get it.
Brisket trimming and slicingDoesn't it make you mad when you buy a BBQ sliced beef sandwich and part of the meat is nice and lean but the next bite is like chewing on rubber bands? We felt the same and decided to improve on the tradition.
Real Cheddar CheeseIt costs about 75% more than those not so real cheeses. And what a difference it makes on your baked Idaho potato.
Real Sour CreamThe same goes for real sour cream, it just tastes better.